Kyndred means family. My vision is to build a community of like minded, passionate people who all have a love to shine!

Will you join us? #iamkyndred

A little about me

Hi my name is Cindy. I am a qualified hair stylist & makeup artist with over 21 years industry experience. I travelled the world working as a hair stylist and makeup artist and settled in Canberra six years ago.
In the short time I’ve lived in Canberra I have focused my career towards building my editorial portfolio and, in this time, have been featured in many Australian and International fashion magazines including VOGUE Italia.
As well as working on TV commercials and larger projects including Netflix America & Netflix Australia.

How Kyndred came to life

I have been involved with many local events and music festivals including an annual spot at Groovin The Moo Canberra where we do up our guests with glitter and jewels and get them festival ready.
My passion for this just grew over the last few years and I wanted to expand to more than just music festivals and so came the idea of Kyndred.
A pop-up glitter bar targeting an adult audience. To hire for your next event and add a little fun and sparkle. I mean who doesn’t love a little glitter?